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Adelphe King 84 Exhibition

Photo © H Tailor 2011

'Trends in Porcelain Exhibition' - Fremantle Arts Centre Gallery 1984

Adelphe remained determined to prove to sceptics that china painters could paint ‘fine art’. In 1983 she persuaded Fremantle Art’s Centre to stage an exhibition of ‘On-Glaze Painting’. Adelphe asked 11 china painters to join her and for the next twelve months they met regularly to plan and exchange ideas.

TRENDS IN PORCELAN” opened at the Fremantle Art Gallery on 13th September 1984 and included work from Adelphe King, Christine Laidman, Truda Mawby, Dorothy Wilson, Karen Davey, Olga Muhu, Moya Ivanac, Rosalie Leaney, Marilyn Barrington,  Lia Helmar, Helen Jones and Heather Tailor.

The catalogue featured an introduction by Adelphe, spokeswoman for the group.

‘Inspired by the challenge that porcelain offers a ‘canvas’, the individual artists exhibiting here have been meeting to explore and experiment with new concepts.  Materials and techniques have been used in original and progressive ways, stretching the imagination.  Flower forms have been drawn, broken up, expanded, interpreted in line, shape, positive and negative shape, as shared ideas have sparked off other ideas.   Raised areas and colour changes due to firings around 800°C present particular challenges.  Hydrofluoric acid etching creates contrasting surfaces.  Rich areas of colour have been produced by grounding with a special medium and raw paint.   Intricate penwork is used on white porcelain, on colour and with gold and metallic lustres. Inspiration for subject matter ranges through Estonian folk costume, landscape, burnt leaves and Australiana.   An art form that originated in China hundreds of years ago and has even been practiced by Renoir and Picasso is used here with versatility by these West Australian artists, as they aim to create original designs.”

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