Gallery 4 ~ Marilyn Barrington

  Escape 1 Series by Marilyn Barrington

'The Escape' Collection

"As History changes so artists ideals change bringing new and innovative ideas to their art forms. For several years I have been concerned with the restrictions porcelain painters face when trying to create original art forms. Most of the 'Blank' porcelain shapes are reproductions of beautiful pieces painted in an earlier historical era.

I wanted to convey my frustrations through my painting. When Adelphe King asked me to exhibit in 'Trends in Porcelain' at the Fremantle Art Gallery in September, 1984 I decided this was my chance.

A recent newspaper article describing the smuggling of Australian Parrots by airfreighting them in suitcases to overseas destinations gained my attention. I tried to imagine the frustration these magnificent birds must have felt, and decided to create an art form using multi-media to convey this.

I painted the porcelain cylinders with parrots tearing their way out. Then stretched and shaped leather over the tops, straining this to indicate an ageing suitcase, then punched holes in to allow the parrots to breathe and finally attached feathers to indicate their struggle. I painted a series of 3 and titled them 'Escape I, II, III. The larger of the three, 'Escape 1' was purchased at the exhibition by the Art Gallery of W.A. which has fulfilled an ambition or should I say, dream I have always had".


              Photo © M Barrington 2011


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