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Astor cruise ship

APAT Exhibition Feb 2017
     'Art on Porcelain' Cruise
      Aboard the Astor

shown at right The Astor

Guild Vice President, Christine Munro was aboard the Astor for the Exhibition and Convention and kindly supplied the following report:

Jellyfish by Peter Faust"Congratulations to the West Australian APAT Region for hosting ‘Art on Porcelain Cruise’ on board the Astor in February 2017, cruising from Fremantle to Esperance and ports on the return. The sheer magnitude and logistics involved in the planning process, organisation, perseverance and commitment in managing every aspect in minute detail was amazing.

The exhibition had 60 members of APAT show casing their creations with 196 invitees aboard, in 102 cabins, along with other passengers and visitors from Esperance, Albany and Bunbury boarding the Astor to view the collections from Switzerland, South Korea, NSW, Victoria, Queensland, South Australia and of course WA.

The international guest artists, renowned Swiss artists, Peter Faust, Clotilde Ruegg and Harum Aschrafi, were unbelievable. Their skill was to behold, a must to see and experience. The advice, tips, techniques, absolutely everything they had to say was invaluable.

Tree Abstract by Peter Faust Egg by Peter Faust Butterfly Abstract by Clotilde Ruegg

(Shown top right: Jellyfish by Peter Faust; Shown above from Left to Right: tile by Peter Faust, egg by Peter Faust and Butterfly Abstract design by Clotilde Ruegg)

The outcome of course, is opening up the mind to these new innumerable ideas by experimenting and incorporating them into our own creations. Tile by Filipe Pereira & Connie Risbey donated to the auction for Breast Cancer Research

Peter and Clotilde’s overwhelming generosity was evident with their amazing offer of donating some their pieces for six on-board auctions (four following Clotilde’s demonstrations and one each on the final night) with the proceeds directed to breast cancer research.

(Right: tile by Filipe Pereira & Connie Risbey donated to the Breast Cancer auction)

All states involved in the exhibition supported the entire experience with 10 APAT artists conducting one hour demonstrations on backgrounds, lustre, textures, brush-strokes, dry dusting and design, providing a very comprehensive subject range to enjoy and take comprehensive notes.

Possum tile by Brenda Caelli Floral Vase by Kim Yoon Ha Dog plate by Trixie Emery   

(Shown above Left to Right: Possum Tile by Brenda Caelli; Floral Vase by Kim Yoon Ha; Puppy Plate by Trixie Emery; Lizard Box by Barbara Cronin)

The main exhibition display comprised stunning lustres and rich gold work, airbrushing, paints and penwork, textures, birds and animals. Jewellery was a special feature, with some interesting eggs and jewellry displayand exciting pieces. Another feature of the display was ‘Eggs-Travaganza’ and the eggs came in all shapes and sizes, (see image left) upright, flat, on stands, lidded, solid and hinged, and were incorporated in the artists’ collections on display.

Non-slip mats ensured exhibition pieces remained in place, though on some occasions, during a high swell, were laid flat, just in case.

I had some favourite pieces. Two I bought, the others, could only admire longingly and photograph extensively, during a high swell.

Congratulations again to Audrey, Connie, Glenys and the WA APAT members for their successful, first ever, on board, Australasian Exhibition and Convention. Well worth the adventure."

Christine Munro

Portrait by Kim Min Kyong  Plate by Sandra Davis  Kookaburra tile by Judy Seymour

(Shown above Left to Right: Portrait by Kim Min Kyong; Elephant? Platter by Sandra Davis; Kookaburra Plate by Judy Seymour)



All photographs are © 2017 - C Munro, I Kopec, Astor image A Blake. All rights reserved.


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